Saturday, July 4, 2015

5 Things to do this Summer

Hello loves! I am so happy because it is finally summer and I am excited to start rewarding myself with the things that make me happy after successfully ending that long and difficult school year! Today I am going to share, "5 Things to do this Summer". I hope I inspire you to do something productive and fun this summer instead of watching Netflix 24/7 (although it can be quite satisfying at times). It seems as though every year when summer comes to an end, I realize how many days I had wasted doing nothing when I could have been doing something more beneficial. Here are some ideas to avoid being bored this summer and to have an unforgettable summer instead!

1. Set goals.
In order to have a perfect summer, you have to know what you want to achieve in order to have a perfect summer! First, try writing a list of everything you would like to do this summer. Some examples include; get fit & eat more healthy, go on a vacation, go to a concert, etc. Once you know what you want to do, try to plan out the steps that you need to take in order to reach those goals.

2. Get a job that you enjoy.
We all know that money is usually needed for almost any activity from buying a cute summer outfit to going to an amusement park. For those who aren't earning a living (yet), try applying for jobs that interest you this summer. It's a bonus if you actually enjoy your job because you'll be payed for something that you enjoy, keeps you busy and gets you some extra cash to buy those tickets that you have been wanting.

3. Try a new hobby.
Have you ever thought about trying something new, but didn't know where to start? My advice is to just do it! What have you got to lose? Become an expert on politics or any subject that sparks an interest in you. Try taking a dance class or two and/or some cooking lessons. The ultimate goal is to choose a hobby that will make you extra happy and will give you something to look forward to when life is just... blah. Whether you realize that your new "hobby" is life changing or not, you will still benefit from learning more about yourself and what you like.

4. Plan Activities.
Consider spending more time with your family and friends. Get in touch with the people you haven't seen in a while and ask if they would like to schedule a future picnic, trip, movie, concert or any activity that you would mutually enjoy. Having something special scheduled that you'll look forward to is always nice to see on your calendar.

5. Throw a "get-together"!
If you are someone who loves to plan parties, this idea is especially for you! Try getting together a group of friends, co-workers, family members, or any good company for a birthday, cookout or a "Just for Fun" party. Spending time with the people that make you happy with good music, good food, and good vibes is a perfect way to ensure a great summer gathering.

I hope that you were inspired to try one of these ideas this summer! Leave a comment below if you would like to try one of these ideas and feel free to mention what you enjoy doing during in the summer! 
Talk to you later,


  1. Hi Jenna!! I love this post! You've inspired me to be more productive haha!!
    Georgia xxx

  2. Thanks! That makes me so happy!