Monday, July 13, 2015

10 Essential Items for your next Summer Vacation

Whenever I go on a vacation, I somehow forget to pack at least one of these essential items. Here are "10 Essential Items for your next Summer Vacation" or any vacation where you'll be found basking under the glorious, hot sun.

1. Your favorite book: A new book or one that you have yet to finish.

2. Magazines: Any that you have an interest in or want to learn from.

3. Water: Make sure that you don't get dehydrated!
4. A portable electronic device: Just in case you want to surf the web... Oh and Don't forget your charger!

5. Headphones or a Speaker: Either or both!

6. Sunscreen: Make sure you bring a facial sunscreen as well.
7. Cute Sunnies!: I prefer cheaper ones for vacation, just in case they get lost in the ocean.

8. A fresh manicure: Pack nail polish or get them done professionally.

9. Your Favorite Floaties: You can lay out and be in the pool at the same time!

10. A journal: One thing that I always regret is not keeping track of all the great memories I have made while on vacation. It's the little things that seem to always bring me the most happiness! 

Peace, Love, and Stay Safe, Happy, and Healthy

 See you around! 

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  1. This is such a nice post and I love the photos!

    Julie xx

  2. All of those you mentioned are musts for a stylish summer vacation!

  3. The photos look so pretty! Lovely post :)

    Sarah |

  4. Love this!! Later today I will be posting about my favorite summer vacation! I also think you would like my post on Summer essentials. - Seri from

  5. I'll be going on holiday in a couple months this is making me even more excited! x

  6. Thats so exciting! I hope you have an awesome time!

  7. ooh I love your summer photos! I want to go on holiday, too!!
    Greetings from Germany :)

  8. Amazing post dear!

  9. Aww lovely post and great photos! I always forget to take my chargers!